Thursday, 18 February 2010


My first entry is intended as a welcome. Thanks for fetching up here and reading my blog. You just stumbled in? Never mind. Accept my thanks anyway. In return for your time, I hope to make your stay worthwhile. And so that no-one leaves disappointed, here’s what you can expect from Cadair Griffin.

Cadair Griffin is a Science Fiction blog. As a writer, I hope to use this blog to record my thoughts on many different but interesting SF texts. Hopefully you'll find those thoughts interesting, and you'll visit again.

This won’t be a regular blog. It’ll be irregular in its updates, because my writing pace is, well, glacial, and I try to think deeply about what I write. This is no guarantee of quality, but one effect will be that the entries I write won’t be of a regular blog length. Some may be, but many will be review-essays. If you like short and snappy, you’re unlikely to get it here. You may get something to think about, though. Again, you’ll be the judge of that.

The SF texts here will vary wildly. There’ll be classics, not-quite classics, complete rubbish, out-of-the-way beauties and strangely alluring uglies. Some I’ll look at from a peculiar or unusual slant, some head-on and direct, others through slightly-opened fingers from just behind the sofa, Doctor Who-style. All the texts will be Science Fiction or related to Science Fiction, though: at least according to whatever tendentiously self-justifying definition of SF I’ll be using that month.

Expect spoilers. I considered calling this blog ‘Spoiler City’ in tribute to my wife, a Detroit girl, precisely because I write with the expectation that you, dear reader, will have encountered the science fiction texts that I write about. Many of them will be classics, after all. If you were unaware that Major Tom doesn’t manage to get his tin can home with the help of Ground Control and duct tape, I apologise. Go read the book, watch the movie or listen to the song, and then come back. I don’t want to ruin your day.

Finally: enjoy, and join in a discussion. I don't pretend to know everything, and I welcome new information and constructive criticism. My greatest pleasure would be if the pieces I write here become the jump-off for debate and shared ideas.

All the best.